Build process

For to build and install the GtkAdi library you need to do these steps:
  1. Download latest source package
  2. Unpack it
  3. Configure
    $ ./
    $ ./configure -prefix=/usr --enable-widgets=yes
    • -prefix=/usr - Debian specific option.
    • --enable-widgets=yes - Enables toolbar and menu bar (disabled by default).
      You need this option to compile test program.

  4. Compile
    $ make
  5. Install
    $ sudo make install

Build process automation

There is a way to speedup the build process a little.
  1. A script in $HOME/bin directory:
    ./configure -prefix=/usr --enable-widgets=yes
    sudo make install
  2. Alias in $HOME/.bashrc
    alias bs='~/bin/'
  3. Type 'bs' in the source directory and press enter.